Beyond the Walls: Beyond the Walls is a nature awareness education program lead by Amy Beam. Its mission is to help children develop a sense of comfort in the outdoor environment in a manner that inspires awe and wonder, curiosity and exploration. Every Wednesday, the children go outside to explore. They have the opportunity to learn the names of local plants and animals, to experience weather and the cycle of the seasons, to hike and explore the surrounding wooded area, and to use their imaginations to create their own outdoor space in the woods.

Music: Miss Julie visits the classes every other week to play her guitar and lead the children in songs and musical games.

Dance: Every Wednesday morning, the primary children enjoy ballet and tap dance with Cindy Lackey.  As the children master  basic steps their body movements become more precise and controlled.

Spanish: Once a week Mrs. Cinthya provides Spanish instruction to the afternoon classes. The children learn basic Spanish vocabulary and phrases as well as songs and stories.

Cooking: The afternoon classes have the opportunity to cook with Mrs. Cinthya every Tuesday and prepare a special snack for their classmates.  In the process they learn many things about food.